How to Install RealPlayer on Ubuntu

I hate RealPlayer because I don’t often have media files in .real format but when I do want to open one, it’s just a pain to install an entirely new player. Window media classic does not work in Ubuntu, so I decided to visit RealPlayer site for a try (after an internal fight and put my pride aside). After clicking Donwload Player on the main page, it let me download a version of linux. How lovely, I did not expect them to make one for linux. Who would have thought is so caring. The file is in .bin format.

There are two things I will show you guys in this tutorial

Install RealPlayer

  1. Download RealPlayer for Linux at Save the .bin file to your desktop.
  2. Open Terminal: Ctrl+Shift+T or Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal
  3. In the terminal, enter

    cd ~/Desktop

  4. Make the file executable

    sudo chmod +x filename.bin

    Replace the “filename” with .bin file’s name. My .bin file name was RealPlayer11GOLD.bin

    You can also look at my tutorial on how to make files executable in Ubuntu.
  5. In terminal, we are going to execute the file

    sudo ./filename.bin

    Replace the “filename” with .bin file’s name.

  6. Enter your password and follow the instructions to install RealPlayer.

Make a Shortcut for RealPlayer

  1. By default, RealPlayer is installed at /opt/real/RealPlayer. However, if you changed it and forget where you installed the file, use Deskbar Applet to find RealPlayer folder. Or you can use whereis and locate command as well. I am assuming you chose the default location.
  2. Note: Go to Applications -> Sound and Video to see if RealPlayer is already there. You may not need to follow the instruction below. If RealPlayer is in the Sound and Video folder, right-click on it and select either add this launcher to panel or add this launcher to desktop.
  3. Right-click on the Desktop and select Create a Launcher.
  4. Fill in the dialogue exactly like the picture below. Pay close attention to the Command line. You can also navigate to the “realplay” file by clicking Browse.
  5. The Icon is automatically added (not sure how, but it’s so sweet!). Click close and you have the shortcut. Double click on it to open RealPlayer.

So, enjoy your new player.