San Diego

I just got back from San Diego this afternoon. What a beautiful city, people here somehow just radiate positive energy. Everything was exciting. I loved the beaches. Fell in love with the city… I enjoyed the food and the sights here too. Definitely coming back. Well, short post.

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  1. I feel the same way. I visited San Diego this past June. From the moment I got off the plane, I was struck with how different it felt from when I left Boston. Everyone was upbeat, relaxed and super friendly everywhere I went. It was hard to leave. I will go back very soon. Highly reccomend anyone visits this city.

  2. Hello, I am glad you liked San Diego.

    If you are ever out here again, please drop me a line if you need a guide to go hiking.


    Derek (Nguoi My)

  3. Hello,

    I would like to work during the summer in San Diego and I am not sure if it the best place for that. Can you tell me something more about that )) I would greatly appreciate that! How are employees treated or maybe even paid … I see that people are really friendly there and it sounds very encouraging :))
    I’ve been in States before (Massachusetts) and it was a nice experience 🙂 However, I would like to visit some other places and San Diego is one of the options )) Please, can you give me some advices. Thanks!

  4. haha san diego is pretty kool

  5. I go san diego in June for one day. I know that is not enough to see most beautiful places.anyway I very curious to see this nice city.

  6. I want to move there!

  7. This city sucked it’s freezing windy and not worthy of beaches

  8. I go to San Diego every year. People are very friendly and helpful. Finally convinced my girlfriend to come check it out. let me know if anybody has any ideas to impress…was thinking about horse back riding in border state park?

  9. Thinking of a vacation in San Diego not sure what i would like to go see and do any suggestions

  10. Hi everyone! I’m going to San Diego this summer for one month to learn english. I would like to have some informations about this city… Can you help me please?


  11. San Diego is more than pretty kool. San Diego is the BOMB! Beautiful, colorful, clean, warm, sunny, peaceful. Paradise. And yes, the people are the same. I’m from Chicago, and it was my first impression of the city and it’s people that sold me on it and made me move here. Doesn’t get much better. And if your into boating or surfing it’s absolutely heaven.

  12. love san diego, going back this year, one of the nicest places we have been to.

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