Mounting And Unmounting ISO Images In Ubuntu.

I just found a very simple way to mount ISO images in Ubuntu without having to install any complicated software. A throughout tutorial is provided at In fact the tutorial is so good that I felt guilty to copy it over. Sorry. Follow the instructions, you will get it. Below is a brief instruction on how to mount ISO images using scripts. Again, this is totally from, so make sure you give them some credits. (and yes, I felt guilty for doing this, but I just didn’t want you to stop by for nothing.)

Using Nautilus Scripts

  1. Download 2 scripts: Mount ISO images and Unmount ISO images.
  2. Save the files to your Home directory because my codes below will prefer to that directory.
  3. Open Terminal: Application -> Accessories -> Terminal
  4. We need to change the permission to use the scripts downloaded above.
    Note: substitute your username into “username.”
  5. sudo chmod +x /home/username/

    sudo chmod +x /home/username/

  6. Now we need to move them to nautilus scripts
  7. sudo mv /home/username/ ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/

    sudo mv /home/username/ ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/

    Now, every time you right-click, there will be an option named Scripts. You can mount and unmount ISO images by selecting the options.