Name: Quyen Nguyen
(stop! my first name is pronounced similarly to “Quinn”)

Birthday: Feb 13, 1989
(right before Valentine 🙂

School: Blinn College -> Transferring to UT.

Major: Chemical Engineering

Interest: Many

Talent: A painfully low sense of humor.

Why do I have such a weird name for my blog? Well, there is a story behind it. My nick name in Vietnamese is “fat.” Well, not exactly because that sounds mean, it’s just like any other nickname, meant to tease not to humiliate. Anyhow, to write that in Vietnamese, I need to use Unicode to type it because there are certain symbols that are not available on the standard keyboard. So when I actually type my nickname on the keyboard, it will be “ma65p,” which means “fat” – in a nice way. There you go.

Yes, this page is about little things that I do. In fact, I just discover myself to be such a guy of interests. Being a loser for a large part of my life urges me to learn everything from everyone so I will some how stop my misery – it’s my right to hope so. I am a Vietnamese. English is not my native language since I have been in the States for only three years, but I can communicate somewhat. Learning how to speak English was one of the biggest accomplishment of my life. Then I wanted to learn how to do every little things like learning how to use Microsoft Office (with a book and many late nights), Photoshop (with a book and very little success). Now I got Ubuntu and want to learn how to use it. I also got OS X. I’m planning on strengthen my English grammar. Oh, I want to learn how to code some css so I can play with Greasemonkey and Style. The goal to gain some muscle and lose some weight is still awaiting. So, there are quite a few things I want to do.

And no, I will not put my life journal here. There are enough dramas out there that the world does not need to listen to mine. I will do that somewhere else (I love it when I can have 2 separate blogs). Actually, I will try to put everything that is practical and someone can use. I know that they say a blog needs to focus on one topic to keep the reader interested. Well, I can do that but there will be only several posts in a whole year.

Enough BS… who in the world would read the about page any way?

2 Responses

  1. Just read the entire About you! Interesting and hey your tips actually helped me recover my default ubuntu menu panel. Thanks, great job.

    And that bit on your talent ain’t true. 🙂

  2. Naah. I read the entire about me page.

    Thanks. All the best 🙂

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