Crazy Numbers of Leechers and Seeders

I was visiting Mininova looking for the Wired CD torrent (totally legal stuff, so don’t sue me). And I saw this list of torrents that have millions seeders and leechers.

Seeders and LeechersWell, most of those torrents actually do not exists – I clicked on them, that’s how I know.

A foreigner

This is one of those many times I write to calm down the urge to write something. I don’t simply want to write, I was urged to write. It’s strange. We aren’t usually urged to do such tedious task. We are urged to call up a friend to hang out when we are bored, we are urged to get out of the house when our mom would not stop talking, we are urged to touch and hug those we are secretly in love with but none of us should be urged to write. None, because we thought we can write, so we can do it anytime. We are urged to do things only when something tells us we cannot do it or we fear the consequences. There might be a chance that friends forgot about you and left you all alone. Walking out on your mom might tick her off. You might be rejected if you try to be so obvious to someone you like.

I was urged to write because something tells me I cannot write, or I fear that I will write a bad piece, or that people just laugh at my writing. Cliche. There are many times that I tried to write and always left unsatisfied. I usually delete everything I write right after I finish it because I thought it was not good enough. It’s frustrating. I want to tell my story, in writing, because words last. Yet I was left unable. My grammar was bad, metaphores were awkward, and the piece was uninterested.

I wanted to write but I am not talented enough. I will one day die like any ordinary person with a story left untold. A story of a person who cannot write for himself, of a person has so much content but was unable to express. A story of a life full of awkwardness, a life that does not flow, a life that does not “sound right” and full of unexpected commas. Life of a foreigner.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

San Diego

I just got back from San Diego this afternoon. What a beautiful city, people here somehow just radiate positive energy. Everything was exciting. I loved the beaches. Fell in love with the city… I enjoyed the food and the sights here too. Definitely coming back. Well, short post.


Randomly stumbled over this pic.

No Windows and Gates

Hardy and GeForce 7200 – It’s working now!

About a month ago, I was complaining that Geforce did not work on Hardy, period. The new package only screwed up my system. Read my previous post for the problem description. I also posted a solution for rolling back if Hardy fails to apply the package and results in a very low resolution graphic mode.

Now, things work fine. I was helping a friend to isntall Gutsy on his computers (yes, two, a desktop and a labtop, I failed to install Ubuntu on the desktop -> don’t ask, it’s complicated.). Then he told me to downgrade to Gutsy, I listened (again, don’t ask why). All my 3D effects came back. After spending hours reinstalling Gutsy and messing around, the desktop on my desktop did not look right any more. So I decided to Upgrade to Hardy, again. Took all night, but the next morning, things just worked. The graphic card was picked up right away, no error. Perfect resolution, and I can use fancy 3D effects, no problem. And NO memory leak!

So, for those of you who have the same problem as mine, it could be possible to downgrade and then upgrade again. (BUT, No guarantee it will work for you because I had no idea what happened.)

This was shere luck. Awesome!!!

Restart Your X…

I just learn about how to restart my X session today. To Restart your X session:


This will kill your current session, log you out and restart. It is much quicker than rebooting your computer – two seconds vs one minute, anyone? Also, restarting your X session will allows certain changes to take effect and it will sometimes compensate for rebooting your machine.

I love this. I wish Windows have this kind of option instead of asking me to restart my computer every ten minutes after an update. Honestly, if Windows allow some similar way without rebooting, I will have no problem with those annoying alerts and very happy to restart.

And, another benefit of this is it kills everything. Yes. Remember those times when you are trying to get the Task Manager or System Monitor to start so you can kill some applications but it takes forever? Yeah, with the almighty buttons, I can KILL everything, without any manager or monitor. Awesome. Buwahhaha.

Have fun.