A Blank Desktop in Ubuntu

A few days ago, when I decided that my 5GB partition for Ubuntu is getting a bit too crowded with all kinds of applications, I uninstalled a bunch of software through synaptic. Well, one of them is Evolution. I freed about 1GB of hard drive space. However, disaster stroke, everything disappeared from my desktop. I saw nothing on my desktop, no menus, no icons, no panels and not even my beloved desktop background but a smooth orange background. I freaked out. After several restarts, things did not help at all.

I needed to get online for some help, and the only way to do that was to open Firefox. So I opened terminal -> Ctrl+Shift+T (Thank god for the shortcut, otherwise I’m dead). Typed in firefox, it opened firefox! nice. Now, this guy had a similar problem, and the solution seemed very simple. I posted it here.


After uninstalling several packages in Synaptic, the desktop just goes blank and there is nothing, not even icons or panels.


We need to reinstall ubuntu-desktop, this will reinstall all the default packages.

  1. Hold down Ctrl+Alt+F1
  2. Login
  3. Enter

    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

  4. After you are done, return to x-server by Alt+F7 or just restart.

Interestingly enough, if you would like to have packages installed in Kbuntu or other distribution, there you can do so with a similar process as above. The only thing different is it would be Kbuntu-desktop (or else) instead of Ubuntu-desktop. Check Synaptic.

Ok, that is it.

A New Look For Firefox

My English isn’t that great, so if you spot any mistake, please leave a note in the comment section.

I said that I had been doing some tweaking on Firefox lately, so I decided to show off a little bit and introduce some of the best looking designs I have. In order to change the look of the pages, I used Stylish. There are always conflicts between the scripts but I determined to learn how to edit CSS so that will not be happening any more. I change three of the most often used websites: Google.com, Yahoo! Mail, and Wikipedia.com.



Leopard look for google.com

I like the way this page look, no ads, no advance options, no button, only the search box. This is the true theme of OS X – Simplicity. Unfortunately, I use the Google Search bar embedded in Firefox toolbar more often, so there are very few times that I have to access this homepage, but it still look cool. I used Google Leopard Search script by theaulddubliner at userstyle.org.

Google Dark

Goole Dark

This is a combination of two different scripts in Stylish: Google Web Search – dark gray redesign (vC) – to give that dark look and the colored logo, and Google with only search results – No ads – to eliminate all the unnecessary stuff. Again, I love the simple look. The Google Logo is really a highlight and a search without ads is quite awesome.

Google Ultimate Search

Google Ultimate Search

This design really utilize the blank space in the Google search. The Google Search Results Ultimate Makeover (what a name!) – by unabatedshagie – also modify the look of Googlepedia add-on in Firefox.

The combination of all of these scripts made the experience with Google much pleasant and productive.


Clean yahoo login

The login page above is modified by Cleaner Yahoo! Logon by marcanth. All ads are removed (praise to the lord!). If that look is not “clean” enough the Yahoo! – Minimal Login by Minimalist will do the job.

Minimal Yahoo Login


Wikipedia Simple Research

Wikipedia is great since it has information about everything I can possibly think of. However, there are so many links on the page that I never use. For the sole purpose of researching – which only need to main frame and the search inbox – I installed Wikipedia Simple Research by Coriolanus.

Blank Page

I just did this for fun. Yes, even blank page has to look good too.