How To Deal With .sh Files in Ubuntu

I tried Thinkfree office suit yesteday and decided to download the offline version. The file had .sh extension which I had no clue what to do.  I finally found the solution on Ubuntu forum.

To install .sh file, you need to use terminal.

Execute .sh files

  1. Open Terminal: Ctrl+Shift+T or Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal
  2. Navigate to where you save your file. Make sure you save your file where you want to install the application.
  3. Make your file executable.

    chmod +x

  4. Execute the file

    sudo ./

    Replace the name of the .sh file into “yourfile.” Make sure you type everything in correctly, including the file name, the period and lash before the file.

  5. Enter your password and the file will be executed.

Have fun!