How To Deal With .bin Files in Ubuntu

I was just trying out Thinkfree office suit online and it requires me install Java update. I downloaded the update file but it was in .bin format and I had no idea what to do with it. As usual, there was not any instruction on how to install stuff in Ubuntu. After screwing around a bit, I found the solution on Youtube.

To execute .bin files, you will have to use terminal.

Execute .bin files

  1. Open Terminal: Ctrl+Shift+T or Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal
  2. Navigate to where you save your file. Make sure you save your file where you want to install the application.
  3. Execute the file

    sudo ./yourfile.bin

    Replace the name of the .bin file into “yourfile.” Make sure you type everything in correctly, including the file name, the period and lash before the file.

  4. Enter your password and the file will be executed.

Have fun!

Note: I accidentally install my Java folder onto the Desktop. However, since Java does not require me to put it anywhere specific I can leave it on the desktop. I chose to move it to the lib folder though.

sudo mv ~/Desktop/jre1.5.0_12 /lib

Or you can open Nautilus as root to have root permission to move the folder with your mouse.

sudo nautilus

2 Responses

  1. I tried this method for installing Real player 10. I download it from
    Firstly, I saved the application in my document(in Vista). Then, I reboot to ubuntu, I copy that bin file to ubuntu desktop, and then when I’m trying to execute the file, it say that the file can’t be read or file didn’t exist.
    Can you tell my the alternative way to install that real player application?..
    Since I wanted to use Ubuntu for media stream, Playing all my anime collection, not only that, most of my collection is in mkv format.

  2. I am also trying to install Real player however a more up to date version and i am also using windows (Vista) as my main operating system and im having the same problem. i mean seriously how is this operating system prefered when it takes me 20 minutes to not open a file, i could save electricity and just brake each one of my fingers ever 2 minutes, it would be less stressful. i guess if this guy didn’t get an answer in 2008 i’m guessing i aren’t. Help would still be appreciated.


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