Hardy and GeForce 7200 – It’s working now!

About a month ago, I was complaining that Geforce did not work on Hardy, period. The new package only screwed up my system. Read my previous post for the problem description. I also posted a solution for rolling back if Hardy fails to apply the package and results in a very low resolution graphic mode.

Now, things work fine. I was helping a friend to isntall Gutsy on his computers (yes, two, a desktop and a labtop, I failed to install Ubuntu on the desktop -> don’t ask, it’s complicated.). Then he told me to downgrade to Gutsy, I listened (again, don’t ask why). All my 3D effects came back. After spending hours reinstalling Gutsy and messing around, the desktop on my desktop did not look right any more. So I decided to Upgrade to Hardy, again. Took all night, but the next morning, things just worked. The graphic card was picked up right away, no error. Perfect resolution, and I can use fancy 3D effects, no problem. And NO memory leak!

So, for those of you who have the same problem as mine, it could be possible to downgrade and then upgrade again. (BUT, No guarantee it will work for you because I had no idea what happened.)

This was shere luck. Awesome!!!


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