Join .rar Files in Ubuntu

Ok, after reading several comments, I realize the problem is when you try to join .rar files, archive manager automatically requires a password even though there is no password when the file was separated. I found the solution for this, there are two ways, using terminal (rar command) or Wine (install winrar).

Using Terminal

Using terminal is more complicated but faster. I do not recommend this to inexperienced users or ones who do not feel comfortable with command lines.

Using Wine

Wine acts like a Windows emulator that allows you to install and run Windows applications. Using Winrar in Wine has the benefit of graphical interface and also the full functionality of Winrar. I strongly recommend this if you work with .rar files extensively.

Using Terminal

  1. Open terminal: Ctrl+Shift+T or Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal
  2. Install rar command

    sudo apt-get install rar

  3. Enter your password.
  4. To join parts of .rar files, use the command below.

    rar e filename.rar

    For example, if I wants to join zenwalk-5.0.part1.rar, I would enter

    rar e zenwalk-5.0.part1.rar

    The output looks like this

  5. To see more options associate with rar command

    rar -?

There you go, happy unrar.

Using Wine

Install Wine

  1. Open terminal: Ctrl+Alt+T or Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal
  2. Install Wine

    sudo apt-get install wine

  3. Enter your password. After that wine is installed.

Wine will now be the default application to execute .exe and other windows files.

Install Winrar

  1. Download Winrar here at or just google it yourself.
  2. Double-click on the file you downloaded or Right-click and select Open with “Wine Windows Program Loader.”
  3. A window will pop up and guide you through the installation, just like in windows.
  4. In the future, you can now manipulate .rar files just like in windows.

I hope this help some of you guys out there. Leave a comment if this works for you. Please…

7 Responses

  1. Totally works. Thanks.

  2. Hey there, if you have subdirs in your rar(s) the -e flag will not use the full path. Use x instead.

    rar x filename.rar
    rar x zenwalk-5.0.part1.rar

  3. Шрифт трудновато читается у вас на блоге

  4. thanks (:

  5. done. good job man. thanks

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