Restart Your X…

I just learn about how to restart my X session today. To Restart your X session:


This will kill your current session, log you out and restart. It is much quicker than rebooting your computer – two seconds vs one minute, anyone? Also, restarting your X session will allows certain changes to take effect and it will sometimes compensate for rebooting your machine.

I love this. I wish Windows have this kind of option instead of asking me to restart my computer every ten minutes after an update. Honestly, if Windows allow some similar way without rebooting, I will have no problem with those annoying alerts and very happy to restart.

And, another benefit of this is it kills everything. Yes. Remember those times when you are trying to get the Task Manager or System Monitor to start so you can kill some applications but it takes forever? Yeah, with the almighty buttons, I can KILL everything, without any manager or monitor. Awesome. Buwahhaha.

Have fun.

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