Failed To Initiate HAL – Solution: Reinstall Gutsy

When I was trying to install Google Gadget, which was a horrible failure, I encountered the “Fail to initiate HAL” error right after a reboot. It took five minutes to boot into the system, where the error message pop up. The damage was terrifying for me. It cut out the internet!! I felt like I was on an Island with no one around. I know Ubuntu screws up alot, but cutting out the internet leaves me clueless. I had no idea what to do…

I borrow a computer from a friend to look for the solution, it took me two hours and the problem was not solved still. Well, my rule of thumb is if any error takes me more than 2 hours to fix, a complete OS reinstallation is the best solution. (This applied to Windows too -> and I got the idea from Get it done Guy). It took me 20 minutes to be back online. Lovely. See, that was so much easier.

So, the lesson is, if you have a major error that took so much time to fix, a complete reinstallation may serve you better and ensure your productivity.