Restoring Grub.

Just a few minutes ago, I got a HFS+ Partition Error while trying to boot into my OS X. So, I decided to mess with it a little bit. Actually, I reinstalled OS X and messed around some more (the whole process took 3 hours). Somehow, my Grub was gone after the reinstallation. There went my beloved boot manager, who had saved me so many times. I went right to the first stage of grief, denial. I put my Ubuntu live CD in, loaded Firefox on and search for the solution. Folks at had found the solution years ago. So I just summed everything up, it’s all their credits. (If you are not a member of join now! it’s awesome.)

Restoring Grub with a Ubuntu Live CD.

You are going to need the Ubuntu Live CD.

  1. Insert the Live CD and boot into Graphic Mode.
  2. Open Terminal: Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal
  3. Enter the Grub Shell.

    sudo grub

  4. Look for your grub files location.

    find /boot/grub/stage1

  5. The returned value from the command above is used for the command below. Scan the partition.

    root (hd?,?)

  6. Substitute the returned value into (hd?,?) above. For instance, if my returned value is (hd0,2), I will enter:

    root (hd0,2)

  7. Now, we reinstall Grub.

    setup (hd0)

  8. Quit Grub.


  9. Close Terminal and Restart. Grub will starts back again.

I took a snap shot of this whole process. Take a look.


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